Are you learning? Analyzing using Microsoft Social Listening

In yesterdays blog post "Are You Listening" I talked about how to set up Search Topics in Microsoft Social Listening to listen in on the social networks.

Now that I have my searches in place I can start analyzing and learning.

Say I want to learn whats going on with Dynamics CRM. I can ask myself questions like

  1. Which channels and languages are active, trending, have what share of voice
  2. Whats the sentiment right now
  3. What are specific, significant authors saying

To start investigating I bring up the home view (see below) – simply by clicking the House icon in the navigation bar.

In this view I see an aggregation graphic of all my search topics, languages, buzz, I see that the orange bar (blogs) and the turquoise bar (Twitter) are equal in size (same amount of posts), I see that English is the dominant language etc.

  Fig. 1: home view

 To drill into the seach topic "Dynamics CRM" I click the search term in the graphic (see below)

  Fig. 2: navigating to search topic Dynamics CRM

The Overview opens (see below) and I get a lot of valuable information divided into sections

  • Analytics summary
    • how many posts my seach topic has picked up the last week,
    • the trend
    • share of voice and
    • sentiment
      …across sources.
    • I see ie. close to 1,500 posts and good sentiments
  • Volume history
    • chart showing the number of post in my time frame (one week)
    • I see that posts peaked between march 13 and 14
  • Sources summary
    • number of posts per source and their trend
    • I see the majority of posts are on Twitter
  • Sources share of voice by languagein procentage per language
    • I see ie that in French and German almost no other posts than tweets

  Fig. 3: Overview


In case I want to see how the Sources share of voice by language in procentage per language would look like if I take the dominant Twitter out for a moment, I can simply click the Twitter legend to deselect Twitter. I see that in French there are posts originating from Youtube and Blogs, whilst in the other languages its from Blogs and Facebook

  Fig. 4: Sources share of voice by language in procentage per language if I take Twitter out

If I click the Twitter part of the English column (Fig 3) I can drill into details about the english Twitter posts resulting from my search topic Dynamics CRM last week (see below).

I see close to a 1,000 posts, from a little more than 600 authors, and sentiments are mostly neutral (grey color in donut char) and a little positive, and a peak of 200 posts march 14th.

  Fig. 5: english Twitter posts resulting from my search topic Dynamics CRM last week

To learn more about what the tweets are actually saying I can click eg the "post" icon (Fig 5), and on the resulting list of posts (see below) I can apply additional filters, eg for Sentiment=Postive and Reach=5 (significant author)

  Fig. 6: positive tweets in english from significant authers

The green part of the above tweets are what Microsoft Social Listening has interpreted as positive, and the yellow part is the seach topics. I can now read the posts and learn what makes the authors feel good about Dynamics CRM, just like I do 🙂

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