How to save 30-40% on first years license

If you are an Office 365 customer with a Midsize (M) plan you are eligible for a 30% discount on new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional licenses.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online alongside your Office 365 empowers your teams to engage more effectively with your customers. This combined power of customer relationship management (CRM) with already-familiar Microsoft Office tools helps your employees achieve goals across sales, marketing, social, and customer care.

So if you are considering empowering you staff with the best service to go with Office 365 – CRM Online – now is a good time to onboard.

How to buy

1. Open a browser and navigate to This opens a page with information about the discount and, in the lower right corner, an option to "Buy Now" (the blue box).

2. When ready click Buy Now and you'll be taken to the Office 365 login page. You'll need to login with the credentials of the Office 365 administrator in your organisation.

The minimum number of licenses (5) is preset, as well as the already discounted license price.

If you input a license amount lower than the minimum number of licenses (5) you'll get an error message

If you input a number higher that the maximum number of licenses you'll get an error message.

3. When decided on the amount of licenses you want to buy, click Check Out to proceed with the order.

4. Provide or confirm address info and VAT number if applicable.

5. Review the order.

6. Sign the Legal Agreement.

7. Choose the payment frequency and payment type of your choice

8. Finally click Place Order

The above offer is for Office 365 customers with an M (Midsize) plan. See the full set of terms and conditions below.

Please note we have a similar offer to existing Office 365 customers with an E3 or E4 plan (40% discount for purchases of 50 licenses or more). Click here to read more about the offer for E3/E4 customers

Details for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for Office 365 M Customers: 

  • Geographies: 42 markets where Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service is available.
  • Licensing programs: Microsoft Online Services Program (MOSP)
  • Effective dates: October 1, 2013 through March 31, 2014. 
  • Offer eligibility: New and existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers with Office 365 M plans.

Offer terms and conditions:

  • 30% discount on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional plan. 
  • The number of promotional licenses purchased cannot exceed the total number of Office 365 M licenses and 300 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional USLs.
  • A minimum purchase of 5 Professional users is required.
  • No discount on Basic plan, Essential CAL, and subscription add-ons.
  • This promotion is available under the following licensing programs on the price list: Microsoft Direct Online Services.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other discount. 
  • Office 365 service must be acquired prior to requesting this promotion.
  • Discounted price will expire when coverage on the qualifying licenses expires or one term whatever is shorter. Upon expiration of that coverage, customers may renew their software assurance or subscription.

See also

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