Comparison of the CRM Online 2013 Subscriptions (December 2013)

Since my blog post "Comparison of the new CRM Online 2013 subscriptions" (written early July 2013) I've gotten many questions about how to make the comparison even more clear; which entities are available/allowed to which user subscription licenses (USL)?

For what its worth here is how I see the differences between the Essential, Basic, and Professional USL now.

From the below diagram you see that users with the Essential USL have no access to Opportunities, users with the Basic USL have read-only access to Opportunies, and users with the Professional USL have full (read-write) access to Opportunities.

Another question I get a lot is if users with the Essential USL have the right to append to built-in entities (eg. Contacts or Accounts). And the answer is no; Essential does not have rights to read, write or append to eg. Contacts or Accounts.

*Create, Update, and Delete actions via automated or on demand workflows can only be performed against records corresponding to entities included in the USL.

Please note:

  • New customers enrolling in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscription should purchase a minimum of 5 Professional user licenses to activate the paid subscription
  • Upon meeting this requirement customers can add any number of Basic and Essential user licenses to the online service subscription

Always consult the latest Licensing and Pricing Guide for authorative answers to licensing quesions.

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