20% improvement in productivity thanks to CRM 2013

Everybody wants productivity improvements. Every vendor claims their new product/service will improve your productivity.

But how do you measure how a new CRM system will help your productivity? Well, one measure could be the time it takes a sales user to complete a task in CRM.

The table below lists measures taken in a focused lab environment for each CRM version that Microsoft created.

The table shows a 20% improvement in the (average) time it takes to perform tasks in CRM.

So if your sales people spends 5 hours a week doing tasks in CRM they will free up 1 hour of selling time per week. How much revenue will this added selling time generate for your organisation?

To learn more, please download this brand new whitepaper “User Experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ’13” authored by Ted Cyrek


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