Social Insights for CRM

To help businesses and organizations build social insights muscle,  Microsoft has entered into a strategic partnership with InsideView, one of the leading social intelligence providers in the market.

The first phase of this co-development partnership is the introduction of Social Insights capabilities directly within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ’13 Professional

Built on the InsideView CRM Intelligence Platform, Social Insights puts real-time company and contact information from 30,000 sources into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

Social Insights infuses Microsoft Dynamics 2013 Online with essential data. It populates CRM lead, contact, opportunity and account records with real-time company and contact data, insights and connections, so you can engage more effectively with customers and prospects. 

In the example below I’ve installed the Social Insigts solution (see bottom of this article) and I now have a new section on e.g my Account form, in which I’m presented with lots of valuable social insigths into the account I’ve opened.

Fig 1. Overview – shows company details such as address, industry, number of employees and revenue


Fig 2. People – detailed contact profiles and Connections



Fig 3. Buzz – latest social media conversation both from and about an account (you can connect your Twitter account and other accounts to see more)


Fig 4. Family Tree – all the legal relationships for the account, including acquisitions


Fig 5. All News (accessed via the ‘3 dots’/more menu)


Fig 6. Financials (accessed via the ‘3 dots’/more menu)


Getting Started

Go to and follow the instructions (its as simple as installing the solution and grant access).


Fig 7. Getting Started



  • Social Insights was made available in the United States October 30 2013
  • Broader global availability coming in 2014.
  • If you want Social Insights to update your Company or Contact data in your CRM you need to allow Social Insights to add data via a service account you create in CRM. A service account is a non-interactive user account with the proxy role assigned to it. It cannot access the user interface, and can add data only through the web service layer

See also

  • Admin Guide – link
  • User Guide – link

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