SkyDrive Pro Gets Even Better

SkyDrive Pro is cloud storage for business. It’s the place where employees can store, sync, and share their files across multiple devices with ease and security.

With SkyDrive Pro you can collaborate with others in real time and edit documents from virtually anywhere via a web browser using Office Web Apps.

Accessing your files from multiple devices (including Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS, and Android devices) is a cinch with native SkyDrive Pro and Office Mobile apps. Not only does SkyDrive Pro deliver the frictionless user experiences that employees expect in a file sync solution, it’s backed by a platform that provides industrial-strength content management, compliance, and content management controls. 

We’re continually improving the SkyDrive Pro service. The new SkyDrive Pro apps are now available in the Window Store and App Store. Today, we’re pleased to announce three new significant improvements to SkyDrive Pro for Office 365 business subscribers – to help you be more productive:

  • Each user now gets 25 GB of SkyDrive Pro storage space (up from 7 GB)
  • You can now increase users’ SkyDrive Pro storage beyond the default 25 GB – up to 50 GB and 100 GB
  • With the new Shared with Me view, you can easily find documents others have shared with you


  • The storage you allocate will come from your tenant’s overall pool
  • You cannot reduce one users storage to increase another users store, nor can you allocate one users storage to user or other team site (aka, back to the tenant pool).
  • SkyDrive Pro is based on SharePoint. In SharePoint Online the file upload limit is 2GB (see SharePoint Online: software boundaries and limits – link) 

Read more here


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