New Office 365 v15 course on Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) is ‘Free Microsoft Training Delivered by Experts’, with the added benefit of test questions at the end of each module to ensure you can apply the learnings.

If you are a Small Business Office 365 Admin, looking for a jump start in administrering your Office 365 (latest edition, aka wave 15), MVA has just launched a course for you: Administering Office 365 for Small Business Jump Start

This is a fast-paced and engaging learning experience to help you get ready for the new and upcoming Microsoft Office 365 exam 74-325. The couse will take you through the following modules:

  1. Overview & Infrastructure
  2. Office 365 User Management
  3. Office 365 Single Sign-On, DirSync & ADFS
  4. Administering Lync Online
  5. Administering SharePoint Online
  6. Exchange Online Basic Administration
  7. Exchange Online Deployment & Migration
  8. Exchange Online Security & Protection
  9. Exchange Online Protection, Archiving & Compliance
  10. Recommended Resources & Next Steps for Office 365

Click here to access the course.

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