Comparison of the new CRM Online 2013 subscriptions

Monday July 8th Microsoft announced that the upcoming CRM Online 2013 subcriptions will come in three flavors

  • Professional For the core CRM users, who need the full capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online including sales force automation as well as marketing and customer care. 
  • Basic For sales, service and marketing users who need to manage accounts, contacts, leads, cases and access custom applications as well as for business analysts who require reporting capabilities.
  • Essential For light-weight users who need to access custom applications developed in house or by our vast network of partners.

Since you’ll be able to mix and match these subscriptions between your users, the flexibility will enable you to consume just the right subscriptions for the right users, at the right price.

The high-level comparison of user capabilities per subscription would look like this


To help you decide which subscriptions will fit which user profiles I’ve laid out how I would assume the Use Rights for the CRM entities and features will be distributed between these three subscriptions in the table below. Please note that the table represents my personal assumptions. Nothing is certain untill the general release.

About the Use Rights color coding: 

Green = Full

Orange = For actions performed only against records corresponding to entities included in the use rights

Red = No

See also (requires access to PartnerSource)

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“Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013” is a pre-release product under development. The information in this blog post represents my personal understanding and expectations as of the date of this blog post. All pre-release product release dates and features specified are preliminary based on current expectations, and are subject to change without notice.

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