Synchronizing SharePoint Online document libraries with Windows Explorer

Synchronizing SharePoint Online document libraries with Windows Explorer has always been a hot topic. My post on the topic from October 2011 has been viewed more than 10,000 times.

In previous versions of Office 365 its been possible, yet a little frustrating to setup and use on a daily basis. Especially the authentication part (a saml token timing out) has caused lots of discussions.

In the current version of Office 365 the synchronization is taken care of by a component known as the “SkyDrive Pro Windows Sync client“. It installs with Office 2013 (soon available as a standalone download if you do not have/need Office 2013)

The SkyDrive Pro Windows Sync client

  • enables you to take your documents offline from document libraries in SharePoint Online. When you connect again your offline files are synchronized
  • establishes a synchronization relationship with the current document library when you clicks the Sync button in SharePoint Online. When a synchronization relationship is set up, files and folders can be synchronized between your device and SharePoint Online.
  • creates shortcuts displayed in Windows Explorer to Windows folders to store files from the synchronized document library.

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