NEW – CRM Online Partner Getting Started Guide

If you are a Microsoft partner looking at a CRM Online practice, and need a fast overview of the ins-and-outs of what you need to do, then this guide is for you.



The guide will cover what you need to know and where find it, train for it and much more:

  • Introduction (to business owners)
  • Get Onboard
  • Dynamics Certified Software Advisors
    • Eligibility,
  • Certifications
    • Preparation for certifications
      • Technical
      • SureStep
  • Sales Accreditation
  • Internal Use Rights
  • Operations
  • Training by Role
    • Training Plan
  • Sales
  • Presales
  • Service Descriptions
  • Planning, Deploying and Configuring
  • Developer
  • More Resources
  • Appendix A – Value Proposition
  • Appendix B – Partner of Record
  • Appendix C – Accessing PartnerSource


Get the “CRM Online Partner Getting Started Guide” here.

See also

  • Office 365 Partner Getting Started Guide – link


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