Are you a visual learner?

If you are a visual learner then these videos might be useful.


Office 365 video training courses

Whether you’re new to Office 365 or want to learn a few new tricks, these courses will teach you how to use email, share documents and collaborate on projects, set up and attend online meetings, and use familiar Office programs that you can access almost anywhere

  • Get to know Office 365
  • Share or publish your Office 365 calendar
  • Manage user accounts in Office 365
  • Create a public email alias in Office 365
  • Create an internal team alias in Office 365
  • Share your Office 365 calendar
  • Share your Office 365 contacts

To access the videos click here


CRM Online Video Training

These videos are designed to help you get started, learn how to configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and understand how features like reporting and workflow can make your staff more efficient.

The videos are organized into these chapters:

Get started

  • Getting started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
  • Add Personnel to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
  • Account basics
  • Understanding contacts

Configure and customize

  • Tailor Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your business needs
  • Personalize Microsoft Dynamics CRM for yourself

Add data

  • Move your data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
  • Using the Import Data Wizard
  • Cleaning up duplicate data
  • Create and run duplicate detection rules

Optimize productivity

  • Sharing and assigning records
  • Organize and track all your activities
  • Organize and centralize articles for your business
  • Use Goal Management
  • Routing your work with queues
  • Optimize business processes with workflows and dialogs
  • Create a simple workflow
  • Create a dialog

Improve customer service

  • Improve customer service with contracts
  • Getting started with cases
  • Simplify scheduling with services

Reach out to your customers

  • Getting started with leads
  • Winning sales with opportunities
  • Getting started with campaigns
  • Boost sales with a quick campaign
  • Target the right customers with marketing lists

Manage products and orders

  • Working with products and the product catalog
  • Set up your product catalog
  • Working with quotes, orders, and invoices

To access the videos click here


See also

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  • CRM – Weekly Webcasts and Instructional Videos – link


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