Issues you may encounter after you receive the latest SharePoint Online service update in Office 365

A planned service update is being performed for Microsoft SharePoint Online in Microsoft Office 365. This article lists the known issues that you may encounter because of the update



Knowledge Base article

You’re prompted for credentials when you try to access an Office 365 SharePoint Online public website from a mobile device.


Error message when an administrator saves a user profile in SharePoint Online tenant admin in Office 365: “An error occurred when trying to save the profile.”


Sandbox solution web parts do not display if they are outside a web part zone.

In progress

PDF files will not open in a browser from document libraries and list items in Internet Explorer.


You can’t edit or publish an Office 365 SharePoint Online workflow when you use SharePoint Designer 2010. 


You can’t sign in as a different user after you receive an access denied message on a SharePoint Online site in Office 365.


If XsltListViewWebPart is outside a Web Part zone, the page doesn’t load.

In progress

When you insert a Silverlight web part into an Office 365 SharePoint Online page, you receive the error “No Silverlight Application (.xap) or Application Definition is specified.”


A red X is displayed after you edit a user’s profile picture in the Office 365 SharePoint Online Tenant administration center.


After you add an item to a Group Calendar on an Office 365 SharePoint Online site, the current user isn’t added to Attendees field.


Cross-domain iFrame requests of sites are blocked.

In progress

When you edit an Office 365 SharePoint Online page in SharePoint Designer 2010 or in SharePoint Designer 2013, all web parts on the page are deleted.


A feature error is returned when you use a custom template to create a site collection or subsite in Office 365 SharePoint Online.


You receive an error message when you try to start a workflow on a SharePoint Online site in Office 365



No results are returned in search when the metadata filtering refinement panel is used on search results in Office 365 SharePoint Online.


Newly created search scopes do not return any results.

In progress

The contact us gadget on a public site does not include the email address provided by the user who submitted the form.

In progress

You cannot delete the root website in tenant admin.

In progress

You receive an error message when you open a link in an email message that was sent from a SharePoint Online workflow.

In progress

No results are returned when you search for certain keywords in a URL by using the Path query in Office 365 SharePoint Online search


The fields that use the people picker for a key filter appear unavailable and cannot be edited. However, the fields continue to work correctly.

In progress

The blank space under a web part title on a wiki page is larger than previously experienced.

In progress


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