Troubleshoot Remote Connectivity in Office 365

We have updated the Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool, a tool for troubleshooting an Outlook client having trouble connecting to the email server, verifying email configuration and much more.

The available tests will help you validate ADFS configurations, Autodiscovery settings, EWS accessability and much more. Please find below a brief description of each of the tests in the Remote Connectivity Analyzer:


Microsoft Single Sign-On (BETA)

  • Microsoft Single Sign-On – This test will validate your ability to log on to Office 365 with your on-premises credentials. It also validates some basic Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) configuration.

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Connectivity Tests

  • Exchange ActiveSync – This test simulates the steps a mobile device uses to connect to an Exchange server using Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Exchange ActiveSync Autodiscover – This test walks through the steps an Exchange ActiveSync device uses to obtain settings from the Autodiscover service.

Microsoft Exchange Web Services Connectivity Tests

  • Synchronization, Notification, Availability, and Automatic Replies (OOF) – These tests walk through many basic Exchange Web Services tasks to confirm they’re working. This is useful for IT administrators who want to troubleshoot external access using Entourage EWS or other Web Services clients.
  • Service Account Access (Developers) – This test verifies a service account’s ability to access a specified mailbox, create and delete items in it, and access it via Exchange Impersonation. This test is primarily used by application developers to test the ability to access mailboxes with alternate credentials.

Microsoft Office Outlook Connectivity Tests

  • Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP) – This test walks through the steps Outlook uses to connect via Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP).
  • Outlook Autodiscover – This test walks through the steps Outlook 2007 uses to obtain settings from the Autodiscover service.

Internet E-Mail Tests

  • Inbound SMTP E-Mail – This test walks through the steps an Internet e-mail server uses to send inbound SMTP e-mail to your domain.
  • Outbound SMTP E-Mail – This test checks your outbound IP address for certain requirements. This includes Reverse DNS, Sender ID, and RBL checks.

Free/Busy Test (New)

  • Free/Busy – This test verifies that an Office 365 mailbox can access the free/busy information of an on-premises mailbox, and vice versa (one direction per test run). For advanced deployment scenarios, have you viewed the guidance for the Hybrid Configuration Wizard?

Microsoft Lync Tests (New)

  • Office 365 Lync DNS Test – This test will check the external domain name settings for your custom domain user in Office 365.

Happy analyzing 🙂


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