CRM Online and Office 365 are better together

As of october 1st I’m in a new role in Microsoft. I’ve joined the fantastic CRM team here in Denmark and I’m very excited about how Microsoft CRM and CRM Online can help any organisation out there manage customer (or any entity) relationships.

Coming from Office 365 I’m a true believer of the public cloud, and you can expect more CRM Online content on this blog.

Office 365 and CRM Online are better together

If you havent done so already I encourage each and every one of you to see for yourself how CRM Online is made for Office 365. You can easily fire up a compelling demo and test environment using the fully automated process at the Demo Hub and experience the common user management, document management and more (I will be publishing a more detailed look at demobuilder soon).

Guide to help you plan and implement

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Deployment and Administration Guide is designed for administrators who need to plan and implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in their organizations. The guide also provides information to help users achieve a smooth startup with the system.

The guide offers a roadmap of key administrative and deployment tasks, from adding and registering users through preparing the system for first use, and sending email to users inviting them to access the online service. There are links to step-by-step instructions for every task.

For administrators who subscribe through Office 365, an additional goal is to describe the integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with Office 365, and how the integration works to provide a single location for effectively managing your subscription to this and to other Office 365 services that you might add in the future.

Find the guide here

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