New Feature – Office on Demand

The next major update to Office 365 – currently in Preview and called “Office 365 Preview” – will bring you Office on Demand in the “Office 365 Enterprise Preview” edition.

Office on Demand is a technology that delivers a single Office application, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher or InfoPath on demand to you as an Office 365 user. This can be used on a PC temporarily accessed by you, such as a in business center, a relative’s PC or a borrowed PC. Lync, OneNote, and Outlook are not available via Office on Demand delivery.

The Office program is streamed instantly to the PC and is not permanently installed. Office on Demand will work on Windows 7 and newer PCs that have Internet access. For an in-depth blog post about Office on Demand click here.


To temporarily use e.g. Word 2013 on any Windows 7 and newer PC

1. Log into your Office 365 Preview and click “SkyDrive”

2. At the lower left corner click “Use Office 2013”

3. On the “Stream and use your Office subscription” screen click “Word” to start the streaming

3. After just a few minutes Word 2013 starts…

… connects to your account (to give you your recent documents, settings etc)

4. And you can start enjoying Word 2013

If you havent done so already you can sign up for a trial account here and start testing all the new capabilities of the new Office 365.

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