Compare Office 365 to Google Apps

Office 365 was recently awarded the best Cloud Application of 2011 by CRN, who “found it to be uber-flexible and compelling. It’s the real deal, and it blows away Google Apps

Many of our customers have gone through competitive evaluations and then selected the Microsoft Cloud. Each customer has his or her own reasons, could be price, could be capabilities, could be privacy, could be file integrity, all of the above or something else.

If you’d like to see how a “Day in the Life of a Salesperson” could turn out in two scenarios (Office 365 vs Google Apps) take a look at this comparion. A busy account representative is juggling her workload to make time for a sales opportunity. First, she is rattled by issues managing calendars and syncing Gmail. Later, having endured the frustration of building a presentation without familiar tools or even a spell checker, she is daunted in not being able to open the presentation as she travels to the customer site with limited Wi-Fi access. Face to face with her client, she damages her credibility after using Google Apps again. It introduced formatting changes in printing handouts!

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