Search and Destroy PST files (updated Apr 2013)

Many Exchange customers wants to move away from PSTs and take advantage of the expanded storage and compliance capabilities in the latest version of Exchange.

A new, free and downloadable tool called the “PST Capture tool” is (hopefully) entering (maybe private) beta soon.


With this tool you as an administrator will be able to scan repositories such as your network file shares to discover PST files, match the found PST files against your users mailboxes, and import data in the PSTs into the Exchange Store (Office 365 Exchange Online or On-Premises). 

Note: the tool is not expected to convert (rewrite) X500 addresses to SMTP addresses – think of it more as a copy function as opposed to rewriting

Update Jan 30. 2012: the tool is now released and you can read all about it, see a video and download it here


Update Apr 29. 2013: Microsoft Exchange PST Capture 2.0 released in February 2013. Several improvements, most notably the UI is no longer limited to 1,000 users when performing an online import

Other improvements made in PST Capture 2.0 include:

  • Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 is added.
  • Fix profile generation code to use “RPC over HTTP”.
  • Fix issue in which online import fails when PST Capture is not installed on Exchange server.

See “PST Capture 2.0 is now available” for more





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