Activating Office Pro Plus on multiple devices

If you are licensed for Office Pro Plus (OPP) in your Office 365 license, you are allowed to install Office Professional Plus on up to five simultaneous machines.

But what if you lose count and try to install/activate Office Professional Plus on a sixth machine?

In the installation/activation attempt you will receive a message showing the machines that are currently active for your license. The message will instruct you to disable the subscription on one of your active machines to proceed.

You can always do the above maintenance exercise yourself at any time you prefer, using a command called osaui.exe, found in C:Program FilesCommon Filesmicrosoft sharedOFFICE14

If you use the /R parameter with the osaui.exe command you’ll be presented with the above list of your computers on which you’ve activated OPP and be able remove one or more of these from your account.



  1. Required connection. Each user with a subscription license must connect each device upon which they have installed the software to the Internet at least once every 45 days.  If a user does not comply with this requirement, the functionality of the software may be affected.
  2. Reduced Funktionality Mode. If a subscription is disabled, it may take 45 to 60 days for Office Professional Plus to enter Reduced Functionality Mode. In Reduced Functionality Mode, users can view Microsoft Office documents but cannot create, save, or modify them
  3. Remote use. You may allow other users to remotely access the software to provide you with support services.  No other remote access use is permitted.

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