Hybrid SharePoint Environments with Office 365 – new whitepaper

Are you evaluating how Office 365 fits into your overall communication and collaboration strategy plan, both today and into the future? Specific to SharePoint, are you planning for full cloud adoption within your firewall, or will you begin your move to the cloud with a mixed deployment across SharePoint environments – both on-premises and online within Office 365?

To provide insight in this area, we’re excited to announce the new “Hybrid SharePoint Environments with Office 365” whitepaper – downloadable here

As of June 28th, 2011, Office 365 introduced the ability to achieve single sign-on (SSO) via Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). Once established, this enables end-users to securely move between on-premises and online boundaries.

The “Hybrid SharePoint Environments with Office 365” whitepaper provides step-by-step guidance for extending SharePoint and SharePoint Online beyond SSO – covering

  • best practices for planning your cross-domain information architecture
  • direction for approaching security and compliance requirements, and
  • insights on the ways branding & navigation play an important role in building a consistent end-user experience

The paper equally weighs a variety of business scenarios providing clear guidance about which deployment approach might make the most sense in your organization.

Happy reading and happy hybriding


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